Next-Level Marketing

This is Stoak

Supporting Epic Brands.

That’s it. We exist for the sole purpose of helping one-of-a-kind brands break through the noise by using a marketing strategy designed specifically for their business and needs. 

 Our goal is to help brands that are meant to stand out – actually stand out


What makes us tick

Brand Positioning 

A brand position is the place a brand occupies in the mind of the consumer relative to the competition. It’s a lot like ladder and every company in the industry has a spot on the ladder in their mind.

Creative Quality

Design is your first impression. The quality of your content speaks volumes for the rest of your brand – and like it or not, customers imagine a direct relationship between marketing quality and product quality.

Integrated Approach

Snapping a single stick is easy. Now, try to snap a bundle of sticks – it’s a much different task. Similarly, marketing tactics need to be linked together to create a convincing, reinforced message.

Strategic Planning 

This provides a sense of direction and a set of measurable goals. You don’t just throw tactics out there and hope something sticks. You need to create a road map from where you are to where you want to go. 

Lets Do Something cool.